• We 🖤 independent makers

    We support small makers who take risks, go against the grain and showcase their personality, passion (and a part of themselves) in every piece that rolls off the production line. We personally use and abuse these components ourselves and would love for you to try them out too.

  • A little shout-out from The European Bike Project

    "... supporting independent makers who are bold enough to make the bike industry more colourful."

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Andy's Muc-Off Inspired Custom-Painted Santa Cruz 5010 CC

What kind of project do you have in mind?

  • Retro & vintage gurus 🕰️

    Bike industry standards have moved on but you certainly haven't. You have immense discipline and patience through waiting for components to arrive. You have 3-4 parallel projects at any given time and are always looking for excuses to start a new one...

    26" MTB Paint Projects 
  • Commuters & bikepackers 👟

    You're into the steel aesthetic but you're pragmatic. Disc brakes and 650b rims allow you to reduce time sourcing for obscure parts discontinued decades ago. To you, the right paint job is like a well-cut tee: versatile, elegant and complementary to what you already have.

    Gravel Bike Paint Projects 
  • Shred Sleds 🪨

    You like the rough stuff and so does she. The rockier, the rootier, the better. You're both immensely capable and have sailed through life (and near-death) together. You'd like to honour your faithful steed with the gnarly glow-up she deserves.

    Full-Suspension MTB Paint 
  • (Hardtail) party animals 🎢

    You've honed a distinct riding style over the years and can't resist playing and pushing the limits, whether with trail features or your unconventional travel setup. As an extension of your personal style, your bike has to look as fresh as you do on the trails.

    Hardtail MTB Paint 
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Trail-ready (hardtail and full-sus MTB)

Photography by @khaithewreckless

Commuters (26er MTBs and gravel bikes)

Custom Paint Process

Chat with us and let's make some magic happen ✨

Get Bike Paint Ideas

The sky's the limit

Discuss your dream build, from paint job to components, old school or new school. We can design decals from scratch (fully custom designed bike paint) or replicate your original design (for restorations)

Bike Paint Pricing

Singapore dollars (SGD)

The cost of a bike paint job depends on the condition of the bike and the complexity of the design:

1 colour (including decals): $550 for alloy frame / $600 for carbon frame (due to more complex, time-consuming process)

Additional colour: $60 per colour

Special effects: $100 per effect

Custom graphics: From $200 (depending on complexity)

Dismantle and Assembly

Putting it all together

We're based in R3 Cycles and the friendly folk there can help you dismantle your bike and put it back together after it's done. Let us know if you'd like to service your bike after we're done with the paint job.

Send an enquiry / make an appointment

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