Endless Bike Co

Being a truly rider owned company means Endless Bike Co. actually know what is important to the serious rider. They care about what they do; this isn’t a job to them, this is their life. They wake up in the morning to make and ride bikes built from a riders perspective.

Endless Bike Co. is not only understanding of a riders needs, but born of them. They are passionate about riding and understand just how important riding can be to a person’s life. When you need assistance, they are there to help. They know where you are coming from because they've been there themselves. They're there with the resources, experience, and willingness to help you have as much fun as possible riding your bike. 

Direct-mount MTB Chainrings Made in USA

The perfect addition to any singlespeed or geared 1x drivetrain, this direct-mount chain-drop-prevention chainring offers a wide-narrow tooth profile to keep the chain on 1×1-1×11 drive trains without a chain guide... another item to add to the smoothest drivetrain you have ever ridden!

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    "The chainring has a unique and rad design and is available for both SRAM and RaceFace mounts in 28t, 30t, 32t, and 34t options"

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  • Kick Ass Singlespeed Cogs featured on BikePacking.com

    "Endless Bike Co is a woman-owned and operated business in Brevard, North Carolina, that’s been making anodized singlespeed cogs for well over a decade."

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  • Kick Ass Cogs review by Singlespeed Militia

    "Endless’ Kick Ass Cog has everything the Militia likes in a cog:  durability, precise fit, light weight, and great looks. Kick Ass cogs are made from 7075-T6 aluminum, known for it’s light weight and durability that rivals many steels...It’s one of the more expensive aluminum alloys but Shanna manages to keep the cost reasonable"

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    "So what sets these apart (after all, there are few things on your bike simpler than a spacer or a single speed cog)?  For starters, they epitomize what we single speeders love: they’re sleek, silent, and simple.."

    Unboxed & Weighed: Endless Bike Kick Ass Singlespeed Cog & Fibonacci Spacer Kit 

Singlespeed Cogs & Spacers Made in USA

With a specially engineered tooth profile, Endless Bike Co's Kick-Ass Singlespeed Cogs improves both cog and chain life while minimizing drive train friction. Expect a smooth, quiet drivetrain for miles to come! The Fibonacci Spacer Kit's aluminum spacers whose thickness follow the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21) so you can fine-tune a perfect chainline, no matter what width is needed, with three or fewer spacers on the inboard side of the cog.